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  2011.6   Our self-developed high wear-resistant corrosion-resistant 20Cr cast iron cylinder liner is in Shandong Province Economic and Information Technology Committee for inclusion in the second batch of 2011, Shandong Province, technical innovation projects.
  2011.5   YB-T5035-1996 automobile axle casing success of the pilot. Automobile axle casing to increase the successful development of my company's non-oil pipe products in the market more competitive.
  2011.3   China National Petroleum Corporation in 2011 organized the annual flow seamless tender, the company was named supplier of fluid seamless grade.
  2011.3.16   In 2011, Shandong Machinery Industry Working Conference, the company was awarded "Shandong Machinery Industry hundred enterprises".
  2011.3.2   Relying on new laboratory completed a 9Cr corrosion corrosion Corrosion test oil well pipes (SSCC test and HIC test) and nickel-plated rod corrosion test (SSCC test), which marked the trial has entered a stage of normal operation .
  2011.2.18   Shouguang City, three cadres of the meeting, Shandong Molong has received numerous honors: 2010 Annual Investment advanced units, advanced units of foreign trade in 2010, 50 companies in 2010, 2010 award of excellence in competition work item three (Shandong Province Enterprise technology Center, brand-name products in Shandong Province, post-doctoral research station).
  2011.1   Shandong Molong 9Cr CO2 corrosion resistant casing of the oil was included in research and development projects focus on technology innovation projects Weifang City. 9Cr CO2 corrosion resistant oil casing is our own developed products, this technology in the petroleum machinery industry, an international advanced level.
  2010.12.30   180 OCTG put into reconstruction projects, the project is finished, the company will add production capacity of 300,000 tons oil casing project is expected to reach full production in 2013, when the company's oil production capacity will reach 650,000 tons casing.
  2010.11.24    Molong production of D, HY, HL series sucker was listed as brand-name products in Shandong Province.
  2010.11.11   Shandong Molong Petroleum University of China (East China) to establish the practice of teaching and research base, and signed a "build a base for teaching and research practice agreement."
  2010.10.21   Shandong Molong A shares listed on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange (stock code: 002 490), return to the Shenzhen Stock Exchange became the first H-share companies of small plates, bringing the company has two A + H shares.
  2010.9.29   According to "Enterprise Technology Center, Shandong Province, identified management practices", Molong Technology Center of Shandong by the Shandong Provincial Economic and Information Technology Commission identified as the Enterprise Technology Center in Shandong Province.
  2010.8.30   Shandong Molong through the national Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security expert review, approved the establishment of post-doctoral workstations, become established in the industry's first post-doctoral research station.
  2010.4.19   Shandong Molong Yushu in Qinghai earthquake donations to $ 300,000 to help people rebuild their homes Yushu.
  2010.1.20   Inspection and Quarantine Bureau, Shandong Province, Shandong Molong was awarded a class of exporters. A class of unit export enterprises will enjoy exemption of export benefits and enjoy the fastest, most convenient conditions of release, the development of enterprises play a role.
  2010.1.14   Shandong Molong officially get the 2008 version of ISO9001 quality system certification, expansion card products also passed the certification.
  2010.1.12   Shandong Molong officially passed the CE certification. CE certification is a quality management system ISO9001: 2008 and the product of a specific implementation of the EU quality standard certification.
  2010.1.2   Shandong Molong API Monogram product successfully passed the American Petroleum Institute API's review.'s Existing API Monogram Products Category 6: API Spec 5CT (oil, casing), API Spec 5L (Line Pipe), API Spec 5DP (drill rods), API Spec 11AX (pump), API Spec 11B (sucker Rods), API Spec 11E (pumping).
  2009.12   Shandong Science and Technology Department, Shandong Molong selected published 2009 approved the formation of the Engineering Research Center, Shandong Province, the list, the company established "OCTG Shandong Engineering Research Center", included in the Engineering Research Center, Shandong Province, set up plans.
  2009.4.15   Shandong Molong first non-API products off the assembly line of hydraulic prop tube successfully, marking the company's successful development of hydraulic prop tube, opened up new markets.