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 Address:No.999 WenSheng Street,Shouguang City,Shandong Province,P.R.China
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Shandong Molong awarded “Top 100 Tax-Payers in 2017”... [2018-4-9] (HITS997)
Shandong Molong awarded "Advanced Unit Of Statistical Work i... [2018-4-9] (HITS239)
Shandong Molong successfully won the&nbs... [2017-8-4] (HITS490)
Our company is certified as 2017 Shandong Province Intellect... [2017-7-11] (HITS120)
Shandong Molong won the honorary title "model flat of take c... [2017-7-11] (HITS255)
Technology center was identified as Weifang industrial desig... [2016-3-1] (HITS117)
Skill of Crane driving competition... [2016-2-18] (HITS117)
our company carry out the production safety actively... [2016-2-17] (HITS120)
Shouguang City Federation of trade unions to our condolences... [2015-7-12] (HITS419)
Comrade Lv Suyu was awarded the "Fumin Xingshou Labor Medal"... [2015-5-12] (HITS644)
The company was awarded the "outstanding contribution to ent... [2015-3-21] (HITS925)
Successful conclusion of the 2013-year annual general meetin... [2014-6-21] (HITS1032)
Shandong Molong Petroleum Machinery Co., Ltd. is awarded the... [2014-6-20] (HITS1076)
Seamless steel pipe of Shandong Molong went through the EU P... [2014-5-11] (HITS800)
API Certificates Renewed by API Sucessfully... [2010-8-11] (HITS15765)
Upsetting Process of Drill Pipe Body Patented by State Intel... [2010-3-22] (HITS5011)
Molong Rated I Export Company... [2010-3-22] (HITS2851)
Succeed in trial rolling of 351 X 50mm heavy wall thickness ... [2010-3-11] (HITS3077)
Duan Guomao, Academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineeri... [2010-3-11] (HITS1935)
Liu Xiaodong, Administrative Assistant General Manager of th... [2009-8-6] (HITS3050)
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