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  Shandong Molong, a limited company engaged in the manufacture, sale and export of petroleum machinery, is reputed for its eclectic and sophisticated management culture. It is Chairman Zhang En Rong who created Molong’s unique philosophy: “Stimulate the hearts, gather the minds, solidify the integrity and create success for all“. Under his leadership and guidance, many local and overseas high-caliber professionals have been attracted to joining the Company. This has essentially put Molong on a fast track to a prosperous future.

  Shandong Molong (stock code: 8261) was successfully listed on the GEM of The Stock Exchange of Hong Kong Limited on 15 April 2004. Molong has stepped into the second spring in its corporate development. In order to achieve further success with the use of technologies, we continue to inject new blood into the corporate body. We are eager to attract capable people across the nation by providing a wide room for development to these people. This is a place where you can find the true value of your talents. At Molong, you can absorb many different disciplines of knowledge, with a breath and depth exceeding that of an MBA course!

  “The art in entrepreneurship rests on collection of individual strengths in pursuit of excellence“ Respect for knowledge and talents has long been a consensus in Molong. “Big business or small business, success depends on profitability. The strength of manpower lies not in the number, but in their competence and integrity.” Therefore, we believe that the key to Molong’s sustainable development is having shared goals and cooperation between the staff and management. As long as we all share the same mind, success is on the horizon!